Meg Stuart - the fault lines (2010)

the fault lines (2010) from Damaged Goods on Vimeo.
Meg Stuart - the fault lines (2010)

Meg Stuart
Je recopie ici le texte en anglais de la compagnie de Meg Stuart Damaged Goods. Toujours aussi dur. Toujours aussi beau.

Two bodies that manipulate and repair each other. They overlap, if you look in the right direction, fascinated by each other's vulnerability. The fault lines are the place we return to, where we are distinct by the lines that separate our bodies in the impact. The promise is that we just have to trace them. After all a picture does not hurt.
After their remarkable collaboration on MAYBE FOREVER the American‐Belgian choreographer Meg Stuart and her Austrian colleague Philipp Gehmacher collaborated on a research project for Sommerszene 08 in Salzburg. For this occasion they joined forces with Berlin based video designer Vladimir Miller. All three of them were so inspired by this collaboration they decided to work out the fault lines (2010) into a short performance. What starts as an intense physical interaction moves almost unnoticeably into a fascinating and uncanny video installation.
“the fault lines is a very subtle and poetic work. The piece starts with a physical confrontation we gradually transcend to approach issues we keep struggling with : how to deal with loss and different ways of perceiving an inconceivable event.” – Meg Stuart, interview Sophie Joubert.

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